The most important aspect of the move is the date. Every company has peak and off-peak days. High volume days like the last few days of the month (starting with the 23rd until the end of the month), the first few days of the month (1st – 5th), and a few days in the middle (14th, 15th, 16th) are the most popular. Moving companies know this and they charge whatever they want, sometimes double their usual going rate.


Even if you didn’t find a place to move to yet, that doesn’t matter. Reserve the movers, because at this point you can still get good prices; making changes to the reservation will be easy and all reputable companies will do it for free. So once again, I want to be very clear: If you are moving on a peak day, reserve the movers one month ahead of time.


Most elevator buildings and even some walk-ups won’t let you move in on weekends. So, weekends tend to be a little cheaper. The same goes for the afternoons– most building managements won’t let you move in past 4pm or 5pm, so the morning slots are the prime spots and they go fast. It’s always best to find out the moving rules of the buildings you are moving out of, and into.


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